Ring Sizer

find the perfect fit.

If you're looking to purchase an Alexis Russell ring, order our unisex ring sizer! Our plastic ring sizer will help you accurately determine the ring size of any finger, right from home, and can be used over and over again. The ring sizer is available free of charge (just shipping), one per customer.

How to measure:

  • pull end of sizer through the clip to emulate a ring
  • slip sizer over your finger
  • pull the sizer taut, seeing some resistance when moving the sizer over your knuckle
  • the number the arrow is pointing to is your ring size

Tips & Tricks:

  • pulling the ring sizer tight provides a more accurate ring size
  • a snug fit helps ensure that your ring won't fall off
  • our fingers change sizes depending on our temperatures - if we’re warm our fingers swell, and if we’re cold our fingers become smaller
  • measure 2-4 times for more accuracy
  • our dominant hands can be slightly larger, be sure to measure the finger that you’re planning to wear the ring on

* our plastic ring sizer indicates whole and half sizes, however we are able to size rings at quarter sizes

* please reach out to our service team if you have any questions or concerns via email or phone at 716.445.6618.