Bicolor Apricot Sapphire + Diamond Baguette Cluster Ring

like a desert sunrise, this natural oval-cut padparadscha sapphire + diamond ring is one of a kind and ranges in color from peach, pink, lavender + rust.  our salt + pepper baguette diamond sunburst adds an art deco feel to this vintage-inspired gemstone cluster ring.   all stones are prong-set in 14k yellow gold.  the perfect unique gemstone + diamond engagement ring!  

-bicolor sapphire weighs  quartz weighs 1.09ctw + measures 6.9 x 5.4mm

-salt + pepper diamond baguette sunburst weighs approx .35ctw

-overall dimensions- 10 x 9.3mm

-handcrafted 14k yellow gold prong settings 

-smooth, polished 1.5mm yellow gold band