Emerald + Diamond Sunburst Engagement Ring

Looking to let that special someone in your life know how they make you feel? Few engagement rings have the aesthetic allure and timeless beauty of an emerald engagement ring and that's what makes it a perfect choice for those who want a non-traditional ring option. Each pear cut emerald is unique and accented beautifully by a 5-diamond sunburst and a yellow gold setting. Sometimes the best way to tell someone how you feel is by honoring your love in a way that no one else can - that's what makes the unique, deep green depth of the emerald engagement ring the perfect choice.

All our gemstones and diamonds are 100% natural - that means they feature no artificial treatment or heating. Plus, all of our stones are ethically sourced and conflict-free. We believe that each individual ring's final presentation is only as special as the natural foundation from which the materials are sourced. Love as special as yours deserves something natural and conflict-free.

Think our natural emerald engagement ring is perfect for that special someone in your life? All you need to do is select the size from the drop down below. We also feature additional recommended add-on items like unique wedding bands and even a handcrafted walnut ring box to bring that extra special flair to the presentation of your emerald engagement ring.

Emerald Engagement Ring Details:

-Ethically-sourced, natural Emerald weighs- .93tw, + measures 8.2 x 6mm
-White diamond sunburst total carat weight- .68ctw
-Overall dimensions- 14.4 x 9.2mm
-Smooth, polished 14kt yellow gold finish 11.8 x 9.1mm
-Gold band measures 1.5mm wide


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