Know a February babe? Amethyst is the gemstone for them! This February birthstone is strong and perfect for fine jewelry pieces. Learn a little more about this gorgeous gemstone and its properties.

Amazing Facts about Amethyst:

  • Amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos”, meaning not intoxicating
  • in ancient times amethyst was believed to protect one from drunkenness
  • a member of the quartz family
  • can range in color from a light lilac to a deep purple
  • measures a 7 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness
  • in gem localities like Brazil, amethyst sometimes forms in hollow, crystal-lined geodes so large that you can sit inside them
  • the official gemstone of South Carolina, USA
  • when amethyst comes in contact with citrine while forming it can create the gemstone, ametrine

How to Care For Your Amethyst

Keep your amethyst jewelry pieces in tip top shape with proper storage and regular cleanings. When it comes to storage, keep your amethyst separate from your other pieces to avoid scratching. Our jewelry box and travel clutch are the perfect accessories for any jewelry owner. 

Cleaning Your Pieces

Amethyst is safe to clean with our Jewelry Cleaning Kit. If you don’t have our cleaning kit yet, just gently scrub with a soft toothbrush, a small amount of lukewarm water, and mild soap. You can also clean amethyst jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Shop Your Birthstone With Us

Here’s a few of our fave handcrafted amethyst pieces to celebrate your February babe!

February Birthstone Amethyst Fine Jewelry Picks

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