Jewelry Care + Maintenance

The jewelry created at Alexis Russell are heirloom quality pieces, meant to be enjoyed for years to come. Ideally we could wear our jewelry all the time, but there are certain situations that can compromise your piece. Such as if your occupation is labor intensive or working with chemicals, like a healthcare worker or hair stylist. To keep your heirloom jewelry shining bright, follow our jewelry care best practices.

When to Take Off Your Jewelry

There are times to take off your jewelry to maintain the integrity of the piece...and so that you don’t run the risk of losing it! Any time you’re doing something that may cause pressure or force onto your ring it’s best to take it off.

List of When to Take Off Your Jewelry to Keep it Safe

Storing Your Jewelry

When you take off your ring it’s important to store it properly, and in a safe place. We’ve launched our own jewelry box and travel clutch to keep your pieces safe. The insides of each are anti-tarnish to keep your pieces looking brand new.


Cleaning Your Jewelry

Determining how often to clean your jewelry truly depends on your lifestyle and daily activities, but our rule of thumb is at least once a month. Our jewelry cleaning kit is the perfect addition to your jewelry arsenal. The cleaning kit contains a bottle of foaming jewelry cleaner and a soft bristle toothbrush. 

Our jewelry cleaning kit is safe to use on diamonds, most metals and gems including delicate stones such as lapis, opal and turquoise, though we always recommend testing a small area prior to a full cleaning! 

If you don’t have our cleaning kit, we recommend using warm soapy water, and gently scrubbing the piece with a children’s toothbrush to get into those hard to reach places. Never use household cleaners on your jewelry.

How To Care For Your Opal

Safe to clean with our cleaning kit. Avoid bleach, chemicals, cleaners, perfumes & other harsh chemicals. Gently scrub with a soft toothbrush, a small amount of lukewarm water, and mild soap. Never fully submerge the opal in jewelry cleaner or liquid. 

Model Gently Cleaning White Diamond Engagement Ring with Alexis Russell Jewelry Cleaning Kit


Professional Jewelry Maintenance

In addition to caring for your jewelry at home, we offer professional maintenance services including, but not limited to, ring resizing, setting tightening, pavé replacement and professional cleaning.

Setting Tightening

We typically use 14k gold for all of our engagement rings. While 14k is the most durable option it is malleable and can move over time. Because of this, we recommend tightening the setting of your engagement ring annually to biannually to make sure that your stone is nice and secure. Since this is a normal, recommended piece of maintenance, it is a service that is covered in full under your ring's warranty. If you would like to send your ring back for a setting check please reach out to our service team.

Metal Finish Application

Some of our jewelry pieces feature a matte or oxidized finish to give the piece a vintage feel. As these are finishes we add to the jewelry it can wear off over time with regular wear. We offer complimentary maintenance to reapply these finishes to have your piece looking brand new again.

Reach out to our service team if you’re in need of jewelry maintenance on your AR piece.

Alexis Russell Jewelry Jewelers Performing Maintenance on Engagement Rings