Say hello to our brand new Jewelry Cleaning Kit! We know that your AR pieces may be the most valuable thing you own; now you can keep your AR engagement rings, stacking bands and fine jewelry shining bright for years to come!

Diamond & Fine Jewelry Cleaner for AR by AR

Did your grandma tell you to clean your ring with bleach or windex? Don’t listen to her! With many of our customers asking how to properly clean their AR jewelry, diamonds and gemstones at home, we took matters into our own hands. When you receive our Jewelry Cleaning Kit you will receive our foaming jewelry cleaner and a soft bristle toothbrush to use to get into those hard to reach places.

When to Clean Your Jewelry

When it comes to determining how often to clean your jewelry it truly depends on your lifestyle and daily activities, but our rule of thumb is at least once a month. There’s also times to take your jewelry off completely to keep the integrity of the piece...and so you don’t lose it! Any time you’re doing something that may cause pressure or force on your diamond or stone it’s best to take it off. We also recommend taking your rings off when you’re…
  • washing the dishes
  • working out
  • swimming
  • taking a shower
  • baking or cooking
  • applying lotions or perfumes
  • when you go to sleep
  • when in doubt, take it off

What better way to remember to clean your jewelry than right when you take it off or right before you put it back on. Cleaning your jewelry will make it sparkle just like it did when you first received your piece!

Alexis Russell Jewelry Cleaner Being Used On Ring

Alexis Russell Stacking Bands Being Cleaned

How to Use Our Jewelry Cleaning Kit

    1. Apply foam to jewelry
    2. Allow to soak for 10-30 seconds
    3. Work into hard to reach places with the soft brush
    4. Rinse well
    5. Repeat if necessary
      Our jewelry cleaning kit is safe to use on diamonds, most metals and gems including delicate stones such as lapis, opal and turquoise, though we always recommend testing a small area prior to a full cleaning! Learn more about how to care for your jewelry on our FAQ/Policies page.

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