While blue is the most common sapphire color, they can actually be found in any color of the rainbow! Whether you're into pretty pinks and purples, cool greens or bold blues, we've got you covered…and then some. At Alexis Russell we know that your love is unique and one-of-a-kind, and your ring should represent that. We source our sapphires from a variety of locations, such as Montana, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Australia, to bring you with endless options of sapphire colors.

How We Set Our Colored Sapphires

We love to put our colored sapphires front and center in our pieces, and with so many colors of sapphires available we even love them as an accent! Take a look at how we’ve set our sapphires over the years. 

Sapphire Engagement Rings in all Colors of the Rainbow


Sapphire Gemstones as Accents on Engagement Rings

Colored Sapphire Terminology:

Let us teach you a few of the top keywords to talk colored sapphire and impress all of your your friends!

Parti Sapphire: also known as a bicolored sapphire, features two or more distinct colors within one sapphire gemstone
Color Changing: refers to a sapphire appearing as one color when placed in fluorescent light and another in incandescent light
Fancy Sapphire: refers to any colored sapphire that isn’t blue, red or colorless
Padparadscha: an ancient Sanskrit word used to describe the color of a tropical lotus flower. They are extremely rare and are prized for their natural beauty and unusual range of color; from shades of peach to pink and even orange

Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring with Stacking Bands on Model

Feeling Inspired?

If you're feeling inspired you can create your own bespoke engagement ring with our custom colored sapphire listing. Our service team is ready to assist you through this process to make sure you create the ring of your dreams.

Colored Sapphire Gemstones
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