Design Your Own Custom Natural Hexagon Diamond Ring

Bold statements need bold designs - and the strong but balanced lines of a custom hexagonal engagement ring are the perfect way to capture that. Cherish that special someone in your life with a custom engagement ring from Alexis Russell. Our natural diamond rings can be custom designed to your tastes for any occasion.

Our custom engagement rings feature natural diamonds that aren’t artificially treated or heated. We believe you can’t express a true and authentic feeling with something synthetic, which is why we know how important a natural diamond ring is to you.

How To Get Started

Fill out the form below to get started custom designing your ring. First, choose the right hexagonal diamond as the centerpiece. Your stone choices will range in cut, quality, and size.

The next step is choosing the type of gold, metal finish, band texture, and diamond setting. Choosing the right combination of design elements is key in making sure your custom engagement ring has that perfect flair.

Speaking of that special something extra, you’ll also have the option of customizing your hexagonal diamond ring with a 12 diamond pavé band and/or a pavé diamond halo setting. If you have any questions regarding our custom engagement rings, please contact us by email or phone at 716.445.6618.