Alexis at her desk.

Alexis Russell

What inspires you? Alexis Russell is a risk-taker. She's constantly pushing the boundaries of modern jewelry design by combining raw, organic elements of nature with elegantly refined angles of metals and cuts of stones. This results in uncompromising collections of chic, unassuming jewelry that creative women can feel comfortable and confident wearing. There's a thread of traditional jewelry crafting methods that runs throughout each piece. But Alexis Russell creates jewelry with twists of modernity that symbolizes progress and personal growth. Every design is primed for a story. It's up to you to tell it.

In 2005, Alexis Russell combined her love for fashion with her creative talents and launched her own collection of jewelry. Her inspiration is echoed in each handcrafted piece, as she continues to marry classic modern design with natural, organic elements. “Earthy and understated, yet refined and elegant” is how Alexis describes her collection. "I want women to feel both beautiful and comfortable wearing my pieces."

After moving to New York, Alexis began studying fine art and design, and served as an apprentice to a jeweler, learning all aspects of the trade. She continues to link traditional jewelry methods with a modern aesthetic, using fine recycled metals, and conflict-free gemstones and diamonds in each one of her pieces.

Alexis continues to take risks with her designs. She takes pride in the continual growth and development of her company.

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