Design Your Own Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Did you know that each one of our Tourmaline gemstones are ethically-sourced and hand-selected for quality + character?  These unique gemstones range in cut, color and shape and offer an array of healing properties.  Tourmaline is believed to promote joy + happiness and repel negative energy.

Just like you, every tourmaline gemstone we offer is entirely one-of-a-kind, so take time to find the stone that is right for you.

We take pride in ethically-sourcing all of our Tourmaline.  Most of these semi-precious gemstones are sourced in the beautiful country of Brazil. We also work with countries like Madagascar and Afghanistan, to bring you the most diverse selection of tourmaline. We offer tourmaline stones in a variety of colors including from blue, green, pink and so much more! 

Create the one of a kind tourmaline ring of your dreams today!

How To Get Started

Creating a unique and stunning tourmaline engagement ring is as easy as completing the steps below;

  1. Hand-select your one-of-a-kind natural tourmaline for your custom ring. Our stones range in cut, color, size, and quality, so you can select exactly what you want using the drop-down menu.
  2. Select your gold color, finish, band texture, and stone setting as well as ring size.
  3. You will also have the option to add on any premium upgrades as well.  These options include our pavé diamond band, pavé diamond halo, diamond side stones, attached diamond sunburst, etc.
  4. Congratulations!  You have just custom created a one-of-a-kind tourmaline ring!  Please allow 3-5 weeks for production time.

If you have any questions regarding our custom engagement rings, please contact us by email or phone at 716.445.6618.