There's nothing wrong with the dark side...especially when it has black diamonds! Learn a little more about these moody beauties! 

What Exactly Are Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds, also referred to as 'carbonado', are formed by our dear friend Mother Nature. They are made up of inclusions that contain high amounts of carbon and graphite, giving them a deep and rich black color.
Black diamonds are in fact real diamonds. They contain the same chemical compounds as colorless diamonds. The only difference here is that black diamonds feature a number of inclusions that give the appearance of black coloring. 

Despite common misconception, inclusions do not take away from the integrity or value of the diamond, nor do they pose any risk to the stone itself. These are simply part of each stones unique characteristics, making it the perfect choice for an alternative diamond engagement ring. Just take a look at our Custom Black Diamond listing to see how different each diamond can look!

Black Diamonds the Alexis Russell Way

At Alexis Russell we only source conflict-free and untreated stones, and our black diamonds are no exception. Our black diamonds are primarily sourced from Canada, and for peace of mind every diamond is hand-selected for quality, character, and durability.

Whether you're looking for an alternative to the classic white diamond engagement ring or a contrasting fine jewelry piece we have you covered. 

Natural Black Diamonds for Your Wedding

We offer a variety of diamond cuts, shapes and hues of black diamonds set in a variety of settings to create truly stunning engagement rings. Check out our ready to ship rings if you're in a hurry, our black diamond collection if you have more time, or if you're feeling creative you can design your own custom black diamond engagement ring. 

Black Diamond in White Gold Squad Shot

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Stacked with Wedding Bands on Model

You can even complement your engagement ring with one of our black diamond stacking bands. We offer most of our stackable rings with a black diamond option for men and women.

Black Diamond Stacking Bands in White Gold on Marble

Black Diamonds for Your Everyday Look

Let's be honest, black diamonds are perfect for any occasion. We're always designing new pieces and keep black diamonds in mind to add contrast to your look! We offer a variety of fine jewelry pieces including black diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs.

Open Cuff Black + White Diamond Ring on Model

Black Diamond Petal Earrings on Model
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