Alexis Russell has been by your side celebrating your love stories from the beginning, creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings that match your unique love. Today, however, we want to highlight another kind of love story: one that touches on self-love and how it relates back to the ‘right hand ring’.


Model Shot Featuring Fine Jewelry Designed By Alexis Russell


We’re finally living in a culture where women are empowering women and celebrating each other’s confidence, accomplishments, and kick-ass independence. Many women are no longer waiting for someone to ‘put a ring on it’, and instead are going out there and purchasing their own damn rings. We are celebrating our achievements, treating ourselves to the finer things that we know we’ve earned, and declaring our pride!

The right hand ring is a symbol of power, independence, accomplishment, and self love. There are no rules, no expectations, no specific reasons tied to the right hand ring, and is simply a personal journey for you and you alone!


Yellow Gold Right Hand Rings on Model

In the end, these rings serve as a reminder to yourself, and a statement to those around you, of your accomplishments and all that you are capable of. It’s important to cherish these rings, and when the day comes, pass them down to the next in line as a symbol of what they too are capable of accomplishing; whether it be to your daughter, niece, granddaughters, mentees, or anyone close to your heart. As strong, empowered women, we have a responsibility to each other to continue the lineage of successful, independent women. 

With this in mind, as it always should be, we would love for you to scroll through some of our favorite right-hand rings, featured below, for some additional inspiration.

Labradorite Fine Jewelry Ring Designed By Alexis Russell

Double Hand Shot Featuring Handcrafted Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Items Feature Montana Sapphires From Our Ethical Gemstone Collection

Tourmaline In Quartz Ring

Rose Gold Right Hand Rings on Model

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