Let’s be clear, here at Alexis Russell we tend to break down traditional ring etiquette. Who are we to say your partner can’t be involved, or you need to spend a certain percentage of your salary, and any other bogus ‘rule’ you have heard over the years. Traditions are changing and we are here to explain why it is totally okay to shop for an engagement ring together, while also giving you an inside perspective on the whole process! Stay tuned to this 4 volume series. 

Points To Think About Before Shopping:

Between our collective experiences and the knowledge we have gained from working with all of our lovely clients, we have learned a lot about making this level of commitment. With that, we think there are some topics that should be discussed prior to shopping for your dream ring. 

Does pineapple belong on pizza? Does the toilet paper go over or under? Ranch or blue cheese?

On a deeper level though, discuss your future! Use this time to consider your goals, timelines, and how you picture your lives together. Getting engaged is an exciting time but it’s a major commitment that requires you both to be on the same page and ready to take this next step. The route to commitment will be gradual and very intentional for you both, allowing you to open that window of communication through experience which might not have come up naturally. 

In the end, you need to remember that this is a special moment for you as a couple. Do what works for your relationship, and don’t feel the pressure from outside parties or society. Remember to communicate, make compromises, and enjoy this experience! 

a incredibly special, one of a kind diamond engagement ring

Now for anyone wondering about ‘the surprise' of it all, I can attest to it being the most memorable weekend of my life. The surprise of it all was still in full effect & the nerves were definitely still there! Although I knew what ring I was getting, the moment he got down on one knee & opened that signature velvet AR ring box, I fell in love with my ring all over again!

What Matters Most To You?

Is it the size, the cut, or the shape of the stone? What setting is best for your lifestyle? Are you a gemstone or diamond person? Do you want your ring to be ethically-soured? These are the kind of questions you will want to consider in order to ‘find a ring as unique as your love.’ In our opinion, the most important aspect to discuss at this stage is the budget. Remember this step is a commitment to a future together, and you both need to agree on a budget that leaves you feeling comfortable with your financial future. Rest assured, no matter what your style is, or price-point, here at Alexis Russell we have a large inventory of ethically-sourced, one-of-a-kind rings & stones, that will meet your needs!

An AR recommendation - make sure to think about the handcrafted nature of our engagement rings. This means every single ring is one-of-a-kind, and although sometimes our amazing bench workers are able to make cosmetic alterations to your ring, we typically are not able to simply swap out a larger stone into your existing setting. 

one of a kind engagement rings designed by Alexis Russell

beautiful one of a kind diamond engagement rings

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we are here to help! We have a lot of resources to help you navigate through the process of finding or even designing your dream ring! Check out our Instagram, and our archive section for additional information as well as inspiration from previous hand-crafted rings. When you are ready, our incredible service team will be here to help you take the next steps. Stay tuned for our next journal post, where we dive into the process of shopping as a couple and all that goes into our virtual & in-person consultations here at Alexis Russell!

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