Salt & Pepper Review
At Alexis Russell, we love a modern, alternative aesthetic. From engagement rings to fine jewelry, we are always working on introducing creative designs with unique one of a kind stones. Herein lies our fascination with one of the most mysterious stones: the salt and pepper diamond.
These one of a kind diamonds have become a popular stone among the modern bride, so we thought it was time to share a few reasons on why we love these beauties, and why you should as well! Continue reading for a quick introduction to these stunning gems.

What Are Salt & Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are an alternative option to your traditional clear-white diamond. Although every diamond is unique, salt and pepper diamonds are undeniably distinctive, each containing a unique world of their own based on their inclusions, and reflected in their stunning black-and-white speckled portrait.  


custom salt and pepper diamonds

Inclusions is the industry term for the compounds found within a diamond. The speckled design (aka ‘inclusions’) found within salt and pepper diamonds is actually made up of graphite, nitrogen, and carbon, which, together, yield that gorgeous galaxy-like effect. Although these inclusions are commonly considered impurities, through our lens, we see that these imperfections helped to create the rarest and unusual diamonds. 
Here at Alexis Russell, we recognize and appreciate imperfections for what they truly are: the aspects that make something unique and one of a kind. That’s why we make a point to avoid overly polished or highly-cut gems, to allow the stones imperfections to tell their own story. Contrary to the common misconception, inclusions do not take away from the integrity or value of the diamond, nor do they pose any risk to the stone itself.  And for peace of mind, all of our stones are hand-selected for quality, character, and durability prior to setting them.
loose salt and pepper diamonds on white marble tile with model picking up a diamond
“like each one of us, salt and pepper diamonds are perfectly imperfect” - Alexis Russell 

Where Do We Get Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

We take great pride in the fact that all of our stones are ethically sourced. We deal directly and exclusively with mines and suppliers that abide by the Kimberly Process of providing fair wages and working conditions, which means our stones are conflict-free! While we source from all over the world to maintain our variety of gems, our salt and pepper diamonds in particular are primarily secured from Australia and Canada.

How you know that a salt and pepper diamond is right for you:

- You love the perfectly imperfect quality of natural stones
- You're looking for a stone that is truly one of a kind
- You’re not afraid to be yourself & wear what you love
- You’re an eco-conscious individual
Salt and Pepper diamonds are natural and inherently beautiful, ranging from a smoky and mysterious aesthetic to a light and bright speckled look. Some diamonds will offer more inclusions than others, but one thing is for sure: no two salt and pepper diamonds are alike. They come in all shapes, sizes, and cuts, which only adds to their uniqueness.
Yellow gold salt and pepper diamond engagement rings

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