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As you all know by now we like to stray from the status quo, especially when it comes to gift-giving for Valentine’s Day.  Love is meaningful and truly unique, resulting in it looking and feeling differently for all of us. So there should be no surprise that the ‘perfect’ Valentine’s Day gift is going to look different for us all.

Our message to you: this ‘holiday’ isn’t just for romantic couples. It is about acknowledging and expressing love, which could be towards yourself, a family member, a best friend, your significant other, or simply anyone who needs to be reminded that they are loved. 

Now if you think jewelry is the way to go, we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day & all the special days in between. Although we all have different jewelry styles, we’ve done our best to curate an inclusive gift guide that we’re sure you will love, featuring traditional heart-shaped styles, peachy sunstones, and morganite pieces, in addition to the more essential gold and diamond styles. Want to check out our whole gift guide? Click below! Interested in seeing our top picks? Scroll down!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

- For The Classic Romantic -

show your love collection

Show Your Love Collection - Necklaces

Show Your Love Collection - Earrings

- For The Modern Romantic - 

Herkimer Diamond Collection

Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings

Fine Jewelry Collection

Love is a beautiful experience, and here at Alexis Russell, we are so blessed to be a part of so many love stories; creating memorable, one-of-a-kind pieces for our client’s special day & beyond. And if you’re feeling inspired for a Valentine’s Day proposal, check out these beauties below and reach out to our service team so we can get you started!

Gemstone Engagement Rings

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