Jewelry has been adorned by people for centuries, even those of ancient civilizations. At Alexis Russell we continue to find inspiration from jewelry’s past lives. Whether it be through the stones we use or how we set them - you can find vintage inspired engagement rings in our collections. Let’s take a trip through history to learn about a few different eras of jewelry and the ring styles Alexis has created inspired by these eras.

The Victorian Era (1837 - 1901)

- considered to be the most influential era of jewelry
- named for Queen Victoria of England
- rose and yellow gold were mainly used
- halos and clusters were extremely popular
- rose and old mine diamond cuts took center stage
- often carried symbolic meanings and messages
- featured intricate metalwork
- you can find inspiration from this era in our Cluster and Dahlia rings

The Victorian Jewelry Era Collage

The Edwardian Era (1901 - 1920)

- led by the luxury-loving King Edward VII
- designs were ornate and intricate
- utilized long lasting materials like platinum and diamonds
- emeralds, rubies and sapphires were often used as accents to the center stone
- you can find inspiration from this era in our Ivy and Camellia ring styles

The Edwardian Jewelry Era Collage

The Art Deco Era (1920 - 1930)

- white gold was first introduced
- geometrical and symmetrical in style
- emerald-cut stones became popular
- rubies, sapphires and emeralds were in the forefront
- bold color gemstones with contrasting metal colors
- you can find inspiration from this era in our Cigar and Ash ring styles

The Art Deco Jewelry Era Collage

The Retro Era (1930s - 1950)

- solitaire and baguette side stone settings were most popular
- featured the introduction of cocktail jewelry
- size of the center stone grew once the Great Depression had ended
- platinum was reallocated to war technologies, so rose and yellow gold came back on the scene
- you can find inspiration from this era in our Jade and solitare rings, including the Hazel and Bryn styles

The Retro Jewelry Era Collage


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