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Lab Grown Diamonds x AR

It's been a long time coming...Lab Grown Diamonds x AR. You’ve been asking, and we’re now able to offer lab grown diamonds in a variety of signature AR style engagement rings and the option to custom create your own.

While listening to our clients, we’re also adapting to the growing and changing diamond industry in a way that fits within our ethical standards that have been a part of Alexis's vision since the beginning.

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Hear from Alexis: Why lab grown?

What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are grown in an environmentally controlled laboratory. Technology has made it possible to create these diamonds by replicating the natural occurrence in the Earth’s crust of extreme heat and pressure that produce natural diamonds. 

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Sustainable & Attainable

Lab grown diamonds can continue to be produced with a potentially unlimited supply of the required elements. The limitless supply brings their cost down, which makes that big and sparkly diamond more attainable!

Are lab grown diamonds 'real'?

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Absolutely. A lab grown diamond features the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a natural diamond. To the naked eye it’s impossible to be able to tell the difference between a natural, mined diamond and a lab grown diamond.

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