When the time comes to pick out an engagement ring, it’s easy to think about the usual experience of visiting your local jewelry store. Picture it - you walk in, look around and see all of the sparkling glass cases filled with endless styles and stones to choose from. A salesperson approaches and asks “How can I help you today”? You tell them you’re ready to pick out an engagement ring, they (figuratively) take you by the hand...and so the journey begins. Here at Alexis Russell we have created a similar experience, without even having to leave your house!

How to Custom Create Your Ring Online

Creating your engagement ring completely online may sound impossible, but we’ve simplified the process into just a few steps. Whether you know exactly what your partner wants or you’re starting from scratch, you’ve got this (and we’ve got your back if you need us)!

1. Browse Our Site

We recommend browsing the current Diamond and Gemstone engagement ring collections, along with our Archive for design inspiration. We’ve been at this for some time now, and have put together just about every combination of gold color, stone and setting! 

2. Choose Your Diamond or Gemstone

Once you’ve brainstormed and have an idea of what your partner may like, it’s time to visit the Custom Engagement Ring page and choose your desired diamond or gemstone.

custom diamond and gemstone listing options

3. Let the Designing Begin

Now let's design the engagement ring around the stone you just chose. Don’t panic - we’ve broken it down nice and easy into a few steps.

custom engagement ring options

Premium Upgrades Anyone?

Wanting to add more sparkle? Try a premium upgrade. These upgrades each correspond to our existing ring styles. For example if you're trying to create an Aster add an attached sunburst, if you want a Willow add a 12 diamond pavé band.

custom engagement ring premium upgrade options

...And Don't Forget

And don’t forget to add your engraving and ring size - if you need some help figuring out your partner’s ring size, check out our journal entry for some tips and tricks!

Then just add your ring to your cart and check out! We've partnered with Affirm if you choose to finance, or you can pay in full. Congrats - you just custom created your engagement ring all online...without leaving your house!

Need Any Extra Help?

While you can totally create a custom engagement ring solo on our website, our top-tier customer service team is here to help if you hit any roadblocks. Our team can send you photos and videos of the stones you’re looking at so you can see the stone up close to see the size, and how it sparkles on a real human hand! Maybe you’re stuck between a pavé band or a double band, rose gold or yellow gold, white pavé or black pavé, they can send you a mockup of your creation. And when you're ready to stack it up, we'll be here!

AR customer service team mock up photos

Whether you’re riding solo, or need someone in the sidecar next to you the AR team is here.

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