You’ve finally picked out the perfect ring and it’s time to check out but you just realized you don’t know your partner’s ring size! Don’t worry, we can help you out with some tips and tricks for measuring your partner’s ring size, or your own when you treat yourself!

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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

First and foremost we recommend visiting your local jeweler to measure your ring size. But if you can’t make it in, there are ways to measure your ring size right from your own home!

Try Our Plastic Ring Sizer

We offer a unisex plastic ring sizer on our site, ready to ship to you! Just follow the instructions below and check out this TikTok where we show you!
  1. Pull end of sizer through the clip to emulate a ring
  2. Slip sizer over your finger
  3. Pull the sizer taut, seeing some resistance when moving the sizer over your knuckle
  4. The number the arrow is pointing to is your ring size

    The String Method

    You can measure your ring at home with a piece of string. Floss works great too.
    1. Wrap a piece of string or floss around the finger you’ll wear the finger on
    2. Mark with a pen where the string overlaps around your finger
    3. Measure the string in millimeters 
    4. A quick Google image search of “Ring Sizing Chart” will lead you to an endless amount of conversion charts to convert the measurement of your string to a ring size

    Find Your Partner’s Ring Size & Keep the Ring a Surprise

    If you’re trying to keep the proposal a secret we know a few ways to find out your partner’s ring size.
    • Try asking friends or family members...maybe they’ve talked about it! 
    • Take a ring they currently wear (on their ring finger) and take it to a jeweler to be sized, or measure the inner diameter of the ring and use a ring sizing chart online, just like the string method.
    • Reach out to our service team at with your partner’s height, weight and shoe size and we can provide you with an estimated ring size.
    If you really can’t find your answer, order the ring on the larger side so the ring will fit on their finger when you propose and they can take that Instagram-worthy photo of their hand...and maybe be featured on our Instagram! #ARVow

    Tips & Tricks for Measuring Your Ring Size

    • The average woman’s ring size is a 6 - 6.5
    • The average man’s ring size is a 10
    • Measure the finger that the ring will be worn on
    • Measure 2 - 3 times for a more accurate measurement
    • The size of your finger can change throughout the day depending on the temperature
    • Warm weather can make our fingers swell, and cold weather can make our fingers shrink
    • Finger size can change if you’ve gained or lost weight
    • Fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger
    • You want to see some resistance over the knuckle when taking the ring on and off

    What if You Need Your Current Ring Resized?

    If you currently have an AR ring or just received your ring and are in need of resizing, don’t fret! Simply email our service team at for an authorization form. You’ll then send your ring back to our studio with the form. Once your ring arrives at our studio, the resizing process takes approximately 5-7 days.

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    Now that you can measure your ring size at home, there’s no time like the present to order that ring!

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