Another trip around the sun can only mean one jewelry trends! We've rounded up the top trends for engagement ring styles and fine jewelry pieces.

2023 Engagement Trends

Set it in a Bezel

Buckle up because bezel settings are back. Offering a sleek and modern design, and giving your diamond or gemstone the protection it needs for everyday wear. We love a good bezel for your engagement ring.
Bezel Set Diamond and Gemstone Engagement Ring Collage

Sparkle With a Black Diamond

We love an alternative engagement ring here at Alexis Russell! And we're so excited to see black diamonds having their moment in 2023. Any way you set them they sparkle just as bright as your traditional white diamonds.
Black Diamond Engagement Ring Collage

Make a Bold Statement

Be bold with a chunky band this year. We launched our cigar bands back in 2021 and never looked back! It's truly a ring for anyone!
Diamond and Gemstone Cigar Band Collage

More Stones = More Fun

Why have one stone when you can have a whole cluster! Whether diamonds or gemstones are your thing a cluster design can perfectly marry the two together. This vintage-inspired engagement ring style is having it's moment this year.
Diamond and Gemstone Cluster Rings Collage

A Perfect Pear

We love a classic pear shape for a diamond or gemstone, but setting it our way. And they are the perfect base to create your #ARstack! It's pear's time to shine this year.
Pear Shaped Diamond and Gemstone Collage

2023 Fine Jewelry Trends

Bangle it Up

Bangles and cuffs are back. We've got 'em in gold, with a gemstone and with diamonds! Find the perfect bracelet to complete your 2023 look.
Cuffs and Bangle Collage

Shoulder Skimming Earrings

It's all about elegance in 2023. Bridge the gap between fine jewelry and modern design with gorgeous shoulder skimming earrings.
Shoulder Skimming Earrings Collage

Green with Envy

Add a sprinkle of Elphaba  (IYKYK) to your look this year because emeralds are having their turn in the spotlight. Emeralds around your neck, emeralds in your ears and emeralds on your finger.
Emerald Fine Jewelry Collage

Hoops for Days

Welcome back to the stage, oversized hoops....but let's be honest did they ever really leave? Add some beautiful gold to you ear stack and let them really shine. Our hoops are hammered in our studio to create a natural and organic look.
Oversized Hoop Earrings Collage

Stay Tuned for What's to Come

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